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Friday, 24 August 2012

Dog Blog-part 2!

Phew! What a day I had on HMS Victory yesterday!

It's me again- Tiggy the salty sea dog!

So many people came to meet me- the new museum mascot- and find out all about pets on board ships at the Animal Magic activity! Did you know one ship even had a pet goat! I bet it wasn't as good at fetch as me!!

I reckon I must have met more than 150 people you know! It was certainly a busy day but worth it for the chewy treats I got for being such an excellent sailor!  All the visitors thought I looked very smart in my uniform- just as smart as Nelson's I reckon!

I will keep you all posted about what I'm doing next but here's a new Tiggy's Teaser for you! I learnt all about this on board HMS Victory!

Bye for now, Tiggy

Tiggy's Teaser

What is a dog watch?

Time on a ship is split into a number of ‘watches’ when the sailors do their work. There are two ‘dog watches’ called the First and the Last. The First starts at 4pm and the Last starts at 6pm. A ‘dog watch’ is only two hours long-all the rest are four hours!

Some people say it gets its name from Sirius the Dog Star-the first star you see during the watch but others reckon it’s from the word ‘dodge’ because it was a shorter watch than the others.

What do you think?

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  1. We love Tiggy! Where does she sleep on those cold Pompey nights?