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Monday, 3 September 2012

Dog Blog-Part 3!


It's Tiggy again-after my exciting but tiring day on board HMS Victory I am now recovered and ready to carry on my work as a museum mascot!

I have been sniffing out some brilliant photos of other special sea dogs! I didn't know that museums had so many excellent photographs-I could have been there all day.

Here are some of my favourite ones...

This dog sailed on board HMS Berwick, an armoured cruiser that was launched in 1902 and was used during World War One.

He certainly looks very smart in his cap!
This is Peggy.She was a bulldog that lived on board HMS Iron Duke around 1922. It looks like she has won some medals. I wonder what I would need to do to win a medal too?!

Here is Floss looking very comfy in a hammock on board HMS Shannon. It looks almost as nice as my basket at home!

He looks very proud to be a sea dog on board HMS Success doesn't he? 

I hope you have enjoyed looking at the pictures. Let us know if you have any stories about dogs (or any other pets) on board navy ships.

Oh... I nearly forgot. Here's my Tiggy's teaser for today. 

Who were the ‘sea dogs’?

·         The ‘Sea Dogs’ were pirates and adventurers from the time of Queen Elizabeth I. Sir Francis Drake and Sir Walter Raleigh are the most famous Sea Dogs!   

       They liked searching for gold but this sea dog prefers ham!

Good bye, 

see you soon,